NationBuilder’s Leadership Team Members in Chicago!

This week, Emily Schwartz, VP of Organizing, Hilary Doe, VP of Strategy, and Steve Pawliks, Enterprise Sales Director, will be in Chicago attending NewFounders Conference on Wednesday, October 18th. They would love to connect with you and you can join them at the conference by purchasing a ticket on NewFounders site. If you not able to attend and would just like to find a time for drinks or good conversation, shoot Emily an email at or Steve at

Looking forward to being in the Windy City with you all!




About the Conference:

"Complex challenges require innovative solutions, and the next wave of leadership is rising to the challenge. NewFounders is powering the inaugural NewFounders Conference, hosted in the center of the country - Chicago, Illinois - on October 18.

This is not your ordinary conference.

For the first time, innovators and trailblazers on the cutting edge of UX, technology, design, data and electoral politics will converge to discuss and promote critical infrastructure that can vastly transform politics as we know it.
We will be examining how to build on innovations, rather than throwing them out every political cycle, how to challenge the idea of top-down organization, how to help activists build change, how to re-connect people and politics with simple tools, how to use and share data among races, and how to enable new leaders to run the best campaigns they can and win. We will also be showcasing game-changing tools and testing in the areas of Activism, Voting, Elections and Campaigns.
Don’t miss a visionary look at the future, from the builders of the future."



October 18, 2017 at 9am - 9pm

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.